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A while back I was introduced to a perspective on knowledge that has stayed with me since. The basic idea is that there are two circles of knowledge in life. The larger circle, which contains the smaller, is the entire range of thoughts and knowledge that you possess. This circle is always expanding as you learn about the world, develop theories, and understand more and more of ‘how the world works’. The inner circle, that may expand but at a fair slower rate than the larger, is that area of your knowledge of the world in which you are an actor. That is, the things you think about that you can actually affect. This circle will always be smaller than the former, and the former will continue to expand as the inner stagnates. Thus, your arena of action will continuously feel smaller in contrast to your knowledge of the world.

From here we are left with a choice. Focus on your small circle where you can have the best impact, or try other methods for expanding both circles simultaneously. This blog is an attempt to enlarge both my inner, and my readers’ outer circles. In the process, I am witnessing my outer circle grow exponentially.


I am concerned with the global state of affairs.

As far as I can tell, our governments systematically lie about using our taxes to partake in illegal, genocidal, imperial adventures. They educate us with an Anglo-centric perspective that denies the rightful inhabitants of our land and the genocide inflicted on Australian soil, an education that is becoming narrow minded – so test-oriented that no knowledge of humanity is instilled. Our media has lost any shred of investigative credibility. Our ‘democracy’ is so perverted by money that it has become a laughing stock. Our politicians disrespect their positions as representative leaders of their communities by engaging in childish verbal abuse and avoiding at all costs anything that resembles discussion, debate, independent thought or moral virtue.

The corporations that fund our political parties have become powerful beyond imagination. They freely pollute our environment, destroy what is left of our wild lands, distort politics with their vast capital resources, wield control of media and advertising to assail us with consumption propaganda at every turn, all while enslaving us in 50 work week years and 50 hour work weeks.

We need to get money out of politics and money in to truly free, independent, investigative journalism.

The definitive issue for humanity in the 21st century is met with inaction, unpardonable time-wasting, utter capitulation to lobbyists and a distortion of a scientific consensus that threatens our very existence. Our inability to confront climate change reflects the enormity of scope, sadly also our collective indifference. Change on the scale needed to even partially avoid the catastrophic consequences of a warming Earth do not enter the discussion in the highest echelons of governance. This is unacceptable.

It is a modern day Pascal’s Wager; if we do nothing, we are committing to biological destruction on an unprecedented scale regardless, immeasurable damage will result. And in all likelihood a severe existential crisis.

However, if we act now, drastically, we can save the Earth and ourselves. Ending our infinitely destructive dependence on Earth’s finite resources, we would become a truly advanced human civilisation.

It does not appear that our leaders are fit to lead us anywhere but where we’re already going. It’s clearly time that the people need to raise their voices a little. If you have ever thought about attending a rally, now is the time. If you have ever thought about civil disobedience, now is the time.

The more I learn the less, I realise, I know. You are joining me as I learn about the world we live in; it’s a crazy one and there are many perspectives to hear. I hope that discussion will ensue. If there is something I have misinterpreted please critique. My understanding grows of my own research, usually with thirteen tabs open, and the occasional film from John Pilger, Cinema Politica, or perhaps a Noam Chomsky article.

All comments welcome.

Sean Bozkewycz.


Written by Sean Bozkewycz

January 12, 2010 at 14:45

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