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US Military machine moves into Africa

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The recent ‘humanitarian’ intervention in Libya, the current French / Canadian / NATO intervention in Mali and US/CIA drone strikes through Somalia and Yemen are just the start of the US venture into Africa. To facilitate the next realm of imperial war, the US is now preparing around 3500 troops for permanent deployment to Africa.

You may recall the Kony 2012 scam that precipitated the deployment of US troops to Uganda last year.

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Bill Van Auken writes in his article for WSWS, that instead of the usual euphemisms of combating terrorism or other forms of extremism, a State Department official was unusually blunt when describing the mission in Africa: “protecting access to hydrocarbons and other strategic resources which Africa has in abundance, a task which includes ensuring against the vulnerability of those natural riches and ensuring that no other interested third parties, such as China, India, Japan, or Russia, obtain monopolies or preferential treatment.”


“The Wall Street Journal earlier this month put forward the same thesis in a front-page article entitled “Terror Fight shifts to Africa.” According to the Journal, the Obama administration “is considering asking Congress to approve expanded authority” to carry out military actions against alleged terrorists in Africa. Such an authorization of the use of military force was the basis for the more than decade-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“This new authorization “would be aimed at allowing US military operations in Mali, Nigeria, Libya and possibly other countries where militants have loose or nonexistent ties to al Qaeda’s Pakistan headquarters,” administration officials told the Journal.

“In reality, while exploiting Al Qaeda—and organizations with “loose or nonexistent ties” to it—as a pretext for US militarist intervention, Washington has armed and directly supported Al Qaeda-linked elements, first in Libya and now in Syria, as proxy forces in its wars for regime-change.”


“While Washington poses as Mali’s savior, the situation in that impoverished, landlocked West African country is overwhelmingly a creation of US imperialism itself. It was its intervention in Libya which sent heavily armed forces spilling over the border, and it was the US military that trained Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo, the leader of the coup that overthrew the country’s government last March. The Pentagon put him through courses at US military bases in Georgia, Virginia and Texas.

“The buildup of AFRICOM and the preparation of new wars on the continent make clear that the interventions in Libya and Syria are only the beginning of what amounts to a global offensive aimed at re-dividing and re-colonizing much of the world. This eruption of American militarism, the byproduct of the historic crisis of US and world capitalism, goes hand in hand with ever more savage attacks on the social conditions and democratic rights of the working class at home.”

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January 24, 2013 at 07:28

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