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Idle No More commenters could use some lessons in critical thinking – Winnipeg Free Press

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This article in the WInnipeg Free Press addresses many of the ill-informed and sometimes plain ignorant and offensive comments that appear below Idle No More articles.

Read more about what Idle No More wants here.


“Idle No More teaches us more than we want to know.

“When one looks at videos on the BBC website of scenes involving indigenous people fending off government helicopters with primitive arrows in Brazil, I suspect many of us tend to support “David.”

“Collectively, we speak of Gandhi as an almost divine figure who was able to slay “Goliath” without spilling blood.

“We romanticize Irish independence in the early 20th century and boast about our Irish heritage in pubs across the country as a symbol of courage and toughness.

“In all three cases, people had their land stolen and they fought and continue to fight to take it back or to protect it. In all three cases, colonialism failed to quash the connection these people have with the ecosystem, the landscape and systems on which they depend.

“In Canada, however, we see this relationship differently.

“We are not as easily able to recognize or admit the same injustices. We are quick to suggest our colonial experience is different from Asia’s, Africa’s and South America’s.”

Read the full article in the Winnipeg Free Press: Idle No More commenters could use some lessons in critical thinking – Winnipeg Free Press]


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January 24, 2013 at 06:59

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