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Distortion To Static: On The Transfer Of Information, Knowledge and Culture.

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by Mo Moshiri of Sweatshop Union, on Sunday, 01 May 2011/

Every wisdom path, religion or system of belief has been usurped or appropriated, reinterpreted and repackaged by men who see the potential power inherent in the teachings/understandings of such ancient time-tested psycho-spiritual truths.

Information is neutral, or we might say facts are neutral: they describe certain observable and usually knowable phenomena, and most higher levels of truth-transfer do not put a bias on how the information “should be” used.

It is at this juncture in the transfer of ideas and techniques that we find that the relative Free Will coupled with the mental conditioning of man comes into play and can very easily distort the information when it is subsequently passed down, often under the same name or in the same general school of thought.

This is the basic Service To Self vs. Service To Others situation: when a person or a group becomes privy to new information, they will then interpret and disseminate said information according to their level of consciousness and their own (often extrinsically conditioned) sense of morality and ethics.

So far we are dealing with somewhat obvious concepts: you learn, you judge, you conclude, you teach.

The real crux in this chain of transfer is in the last part: you teach.

In many cases, the reinterpreted information or system of philosophy is marketed as being equal to or the same as (or even better than) the original, and especially similar in name.

This is where the confusion takes hold, because often by the time the information has passed into new hands (and then restructured and possibly renamed), the original school or system or sourcebook/person is not available for a fair comparison.

In certain cases, the new system will take the name and certain concepts from the original, and then actively seek to alter, discredit and/or destroy the original in order to become the “New Original”.

If this process occurs even once or twice, in a few generations a complete system of thought, language, philosophy or culture/religion can be completely changed so much as to be almost unrecognizable.

This happens often in language, and almost always when it comes to philosophy and religion.

To conclude this section, let’s revisit the moral/ethical issue here:

If information is recognized as valuable (and correct), it can be seen as powerful and able to lend power to the holder of said information.

If the holder of this info is concerned mainly with STO (service to others), it seems logical that they would make the information available to others in the same shape and form, the same context in which they found it, so as not to distort or degrade the factual or qualitative content of it. This would allow the next recipient and holder  to review the information as it is and make their own mind up about it, and to gain access to the aforementioned Power inherent (or believed inherent) in the information.

In a mixed STO/STS situation, the holder of said info might take the existing system and reinterpret parts, restructure or reword much of it because they may think their personal ideas/perceptions are superior or more concise and useful to the next recipients, thus nonetheless distorting it regardless of the polarity of intent.

Here the holder is usually true to their own new interpretation, and the next recipient will gain access to a mixed bag of information, sometimes drastically reducing the amount of Power they can access, sometimes making it easier to understand and assimilate the information.

If the holder of the information is concerned mainly with STS (service to self), it has often been observed that they will do much the same as the STO/STS example, namely retranslate, reinterpret and restructure much of the original material, but in this case with full intent to mislead and distort, in order to be the sole possessor of the original information and the Power that is believed to come with it.

Here the holder is often in total contradiction to their own “teachings” and publicly proclaimed views.

In both cases, most new systems will use the same or similar wording, jargon and concepts and will use the same or similar name as the  original, thus usurping and eventually replacing the original grain of truth.

So we have explored some of the root causes of distortion in the transfer of information. If you can imagine this chain of events happening again and again over a long period of time, you will soon see exactly how much any information can be distorted and destroyed in the process of transfer, whether intentionally or not.


Written by Sean Bozkewycz

April 30, 2011 at 18:18

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