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10,000 serendipitous kilometres in Gus, the big blue bus

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Gus, Crew, Tetons

Five Australians, one Canadian and a twelve-year-old yellow Labrador touring around in a ’79 short school bus certainly attracts attention from all sorts. Notably the hippies, the herbally elevated, and the homeless, yet also randoms from all walks of life, some on their way to work, some at work; peace signs out windows, pointing, smiling, laughing; we imagine they are stoked and living vicariously…

Boz and Bus

It begins with the hasty acquisition of an anonymous rafting bus. Five hundred kilometres home to Chilliwack and half that into the gas tank leaves much to ponder. Passengers are confirmed, interior decoration rushed, U-bolt roofracks installed, kayaks loaded, BC departed. It would be 9,000 kilometres before Gus got his name, and we still can’t decide if he’s a she or vice versa. Without original equipment, possibly some of both.

Yellowstone touristing

Adventure ensues… Santa Barbarian galactic shaman offers wisdom, befriending roadside salesmen, Albuquerque Republican Highlands contraband smuggling pilot shares the goodness, power tripping security guards dim the vibe, courtesy speeches from off-duty cops, Big Sur hitchhikers who’re panhandling for every meal, random encounters with paddlers from local heroes to international superstars, breakdowns and a thirsty Gus…

Bend, OR Local Hero Scotty Burns

Six dirty vagabonds in a hotel room, small town strippers, disorganised rendezvous, moustachioed unicyclists in mass bike rides, the fireworks superstore and subsequent idiocy, moonlit hot springs deep in the Rio Grande gorge, basejumpers at Evel Knievel’s Snake River jump site, shorted out alternators, mystery bus-born gunshots, demoralising engine audio…

Cooking/camping mode in the sunshine

Canadians, Americans, Spaniards, English, East coast, West coast, desert dwellers, wisdom filled acid tripping veterans and space cadets from the same academy. Autonomous living, anarchist thinking, a flow and fluid serendipity of events that defies planning…

Earthship construction in Taos, New Mexico

We learnt how to build our own houses from tires earth and bottles, we met the outermost layer of the anarchist onion skin, gathered in the Subrosa cafe, watched documentaries freeing our indoctrinated minds. WARNING: subversive literature…

Our best friend Cleo, with boots

We even managed to go paddling in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Colorado, resulting in backwards waterfalls and inadvertent 360s on slides above meaty holes. We met first hand the issues of private property as they affect waterways in Colorado, ducking under barbed wire fences as we paddled down a low river with signs on the banks forbidding scouting as trespass.

Sean Bozkewycz on Lower Mesa Falls

As we approach the Canadian border after 10,000 kilometres, we reflect and are excited by mystery filled divergent futures.

Gus will roll again.

Buddha Eyes on the road

the crew - goodbye bc

rafting the dechutes


Sean Bozkewycz on Dillon, downtown Bend, OR

minor mechanicals...

earthship interior grey water planter

Colorado Colours


Written by Sean Bozkewycz

April 15, 2011 at 15:41

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